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Boarding Services

Pets that are left alone at home can become bored and destructive. To give you peace of mind, we offer boarding services. Our newly renovated indoor facilities are completely climate controlled for your pet's comfort. Our facility has separate rooms for dogs and cats to minimize undue stress. To protect your pet from the elements, our outdoor dog rooms are covered. We also have large, grassy exercise yards for a little extra doggy play. While your pets are boarding with us, they are cared for by a dedicated team member and monitored by trained technicians. For the protection of your pets, in addition to the other pets staying with us, we require that all dogs and cats be parasite free, including fleas and ticks, and be current on vaccinations. We will gladly accommodate special care requests, such as specific feeding needs or medications, while in our care. We welcome all pet boarders, but request that you make early reservations, especially during summer months and holidays. Clients with reservations will be given priority. Your contact information and a local contact will be collected at the time of drop-off. Our policy is that we will not offer boarding services if there is a threat of a hurricane. If pets are in our care, it will be the responsibility of the local contact to pick up and evacuate.